Human DNA and soul grops

QUESTION: Masters I’m interested in Soul families and in their links to generational human line DNA, – a great grandmother/grandmother’s passing over, to remain in the soul genetic family, (if they choose), they may pass when another family member is pregnant and soon to give birth? I have heard genetic lines come in and remain as a soul family, vibration /color or ray, and a parent or parents child can be having a relative re-incarnate. Is this pre-agreed, or can they opt to return again soon for the families growth, healing and evolution??  Please explain generational carry on in lineage(s)/DNA. Like carrying all your mothers DNA back to 10 grandmothers?? New age Science says DNA is minor and you can change your DNA and not have same ailments as your ancestors etc? ~Jenna, CANADA

ANSWER: The greatest difficulty in dealing with this area is that “family” is a concept that is not recognized in the spiritual realm except when talking about those souls who have previously spent time together in human form. There is no equivalent in soul groups.

The closest that a soul gets to a type of “family” is the other souls who came into existence (being broken off from Source energy) at the same time and are referred to as their soul group. Each group is composed of 144 souls, only about 12 to 24 of whom consistently choose to inhabit Earth together.

It is extremely rare for a soul to return to the same physical family line because that would limit the type of experiences with which it might be able to engage. Human DNA carries propensities for characteristics and diseases that a soul may wish to experience only once during its education through life lessons.

A soul generally enters into the duality for its own learning process, not as a part of a group/family experiment. Each soul comes for its own journey and for its own reasons. That being said, there are no absolutes in spirituality. Some souls do return to the same physical family because they did not learn everything they wanted to from all the possibilities during their first go-around.

The DNA that has been mapped by the scientific community is only a fraction of the material that is present in a human body. There are actually 12 DNA pairs that are all subject to energetic manipulation. The physical body is subject to receiving various degrees of genetic input from all the ancestors in their direct line. This is, however, unaffected directly by their spiritual experiences. Souls may alter their physical DNA by using powers and abilities derived from their origin as pieces of the Source.