Understanding origin

QUESTION: Masters, please talk to us about the seven original clans that came to planet Earth. How do I discover which clan I am with?  How can I use it as a tool for my toolbox?  How can I help others discover their clan?  How can I serve planet Earth now that I have this information.  ~Oribel, Singapore

ANSWER: The soul contained within each human body has its point of origin from the Source. Some sought to enter into an incarnation, take a physical form, at the very beginning of the population of the various planets, and others chose to wait until a community and/or society was formed.

Societies were formed for the purpose of allowing the soul to experience a number of different types of existences. The groups created had a type of energy that they wished to share. They may have desired to be aligned with the energy of the air, the earth, the water, or fire. Possible additional experiences shifted into issues of service, advisor, manager, worker, intellectual, or peacemaker. Still others wanted to be warrior, athlete, physically or mentally challenged, or simply an observer.

The fact that a soul chose one particular characteristic as its first life form did not prohibit it from then going into something totally different at the completion of the first lifetime. The information that you have read about clans describes belief systems that were created concerning one specific period in the Earth’s history of evolution.

Whatever part your soul chose at that specific period in time did not constrict you to one definition for your other trips to Earth. Remember that each incarnation is merely a role that you have chosen to portray for a little part of your existence. You are eternal, with the only beginning coming from your division from Source. Knowing a particular role you took only tells you what particular skills you may have mastered.

It is better to go inside and ask yourself, “What skills do I know I have brought into this life to use for myself and others?” Knowing that you have visited a country does not make you an expert in that country’s customs unless you engaged in every possible combination available. Rarely does a soul take the time to learn other than that which they had chosen to come and learn. If you are of early Roman lineage in one of your lives, it does not mean you can now speak Italian.