Putting physical life in perspective

QUESTION: Masters, I am working on bringing a healthier work-life balance to my life. I have changed jobs to help with this. But each time, the job becomes increasingly pressure filled and can involve long hours. I am recognizing unhealthy beliefs about work and am resetting my beliefs and setting healthy boundaries. I am also reviewing whether jobs becoming increasingly difficult may also mean that I should consider a new field of work. I am setting up a new intention of finding a job that is fun, rewarding and balanced. Am I reviewing this life lesson correctly? Are there other practices I can do to assess and feel out the best solution for me? ~Anne, USA

ANSWER: You are a workaholic and a perfectionist. You always look beyond what your job description asks for and push into the next level – which, of course, delights your employer. Who wouldn’t want an employee to do more work than they were hired to do and for which they are paid?

You are correct that it has a lot to do with your belief systems. You were brought up to believe that you should always do your best, and if you can see a way to improve a situation, you should. Your work ethic includes working as hard as you can.

This attitude has allowed many employers to take advantage of you because you have reveled in their enthusiasm for your work. This results in doing more work than can fit into the time allotted for it, hence the pressure you feel. The difficulty you sense is just a normal sensation of advancing through the various tasks.

Whether you change jobs or not is a matter of freedom of choice. Consider also if setting limits – i.e., not allowing yourself to be taken advantage of – would be sufficient to change the way you see yourself and find enjoyment in the job.

All these lessons have brought you to a normal conclusion that you have the power to shape the future. Put out those intentions of securing a position that will be fun, rewarding, and balanced. It may be in your current field or one very similar. Don’t have any preconceived expectations of what it will be. Put the intention out there, jump into the energetic flow of the universe, and let the perfect position come to you. Once on your spiritual journey, you bring to yourself what you need and want to experience.