Letting others make your decisions

QUESTION: Masters a psychic told me that I have a major health issue as my energy body seems hollow. I feel good and my blood tests also look good. She also told me that I don’t have it in my stars to make much money. Most of what I get will be inheritance. I won’t be very successful in business. Is this true? I have always wanted to make and do something big on my own and so wondering and worried. ~Rd, India

ANSWER: Take a good look at what you are saying. You have accepted the words of a woman about things that don’t even make sense. You were told you have a major physical condition that is not apparent to any of the medical experts, and you don’t display any issues. A total fear has been created by this woman with no evidence of any proof that a problem exists. What most people refer to as the energy body is the soul. A body without a soul ceases to exist; therefore, you have your essence within you, not a hollow space.

Astrology, or using the positioning of the planets at the time of birth or conception, does not determine a body’s life. It merely shows what energies were/are present and, if the person does nothing to change the effects of those energies, how they will perform. But – and a big but it is – each soul has freedom of choice. You can take and believe only the characteristics the charts report, or use your creative abilities to bring to yourself what you desire.

How you see yourself is the determining factor. If you see yourself as a failure, then you are condemned. If you see and believe you are a success, and put in the necessary work, you will accomplish your dreams. You are the director of your life by creating the beliefs by which you want to live. Don’t let anyone tell you who you are. Find out who you are by manifesting what you came to Earth to do.