The teacher’s purpose

QUESTION: Masters, thank you for creating this site. I am a new member. I have questions about my reasons for being here. As I enter into the spiritual world, my eyes have been opened to all kinds of new possibilities. But I don’t know what my purpose is. I have just recently met a man who is very spiritual. He has been teaching me about the spirit world and talks about God all the time! Was he brought into my life for a reason? He calls himself a stepping stone on my journey. WHY? I was hoping for long-term direction. I don’t want to think there is an end to our beautiful relationship already. We have only just begun! Can you help me answer some of these questions?              ~JoAnn, USA

ANSWER: Opening up to the aspects of self that are within the “spiritual” realm creates feelings that stimulate the very core of the body. Many times, if the first teacher is of the opposite sex, the student associates the feelings with those of romantic love. In a few rare occasions this may be true. In most, the person has been contracted with to enter your life at a time when you would be most receptive to the catalyst that will reconnect you to your memories.

With his guidance you have come to know that you are more than just your physical being. Your body tingles with the energy and excitement surrounding you of which you are now aware. Close your eyes, shut down your thinking mind, open up your senses to the feelings around you, and touch what has been awaiting your awareness. You are a part of all that is. Accept your place in the universe.

This man is a stepping stone to assist your progress into understanding. By awakening your curiosity and intellect to explore what you call spiritual pursuits, he has opened a door that only you can go through. You must figure out the attraction you have for him: Are you attracted to him physically, or as a teacher who allowed you to see your future?

We cannot tell you your purpose because it is for you to discover. He cannot tell you your purpose because he is not privy to it. You have only just begun your journey. If you travel along in someone else’s cart, you do not get a true feel for the road. It is only in walking the path that you feel each rock, cushion, and challenge.