“Outcasts of society”

QUESTION: Masters, our spirits are clearly here to seek enlightenment, but what do the outcasts of society learn? The murderers, the pedophiles, the rapists and all the other “predators” of society. Are they here as pain catalysts for the rest of us? How can any spirit plan to experience this, when it causes others so much pain; and themselves to be the pariahs in their soul groups? How do they overcome urges which are as necessary and uncontrollable for them as breathing is to others? What do they learn if they can never be themselves if they wish to learn and evolve? A life of absolute rejection and hatred by their peers! Could this be the ultimate painful experience? ~Warne, New Zealand

ANSWER: Enlightenment must be defined in order to answer your question. Every soul comes into a human body in order to work through the lessons it chose before coming into the duality of Earth. Understanding and gaining the wisdom of a life lesson is a form of enlightenment, but it may not be completely understood until the soul has returned Home.

The term “enlightenment” equates to wisdom – the total acknowledgment of all aspects of a human lesson such as fear, hatred, guilt, abuse, etc. from both the positive and the negative angles. Lessons are all presented in negativity so that the individual may work out the experience and choose either to allow it to continue or to turn it around into a positive experience.

Each journey is a solo trip. No one lets someone else determine what to learn unless it is part of a lesson in self-confidence. To learn about hatred, for instance,  you must first find out what hatred is. You must feel hatred. You must hate others. You must make the choice as to which you want as a part of your reality.

Souls do not consider how their actions are going to affect others. They are not concerned with what others may think. They wish only to accomplish their mission of learning and understanding. Those who have feelings of disdain for contemporaries are working through lessons of judgment and ego thinking. In the spiritual realm, nothing is right or wrong.

Remember: During a human experience, people can be hurt only if they allow the actions of others to harm them. They do this as part of a lesson they, themselves, wish to undertake. Nothing happens by accident, and all is intertwined for the desired lessons of those involved. Evolution is not apparent until the completion of the experiment (life).