Capturing energy

QUESTION: Masters, I have a friend with whom I have a special connection. We are both women, and there’s no sexual energy. When we meet each other, it feels immediately like we are in a hurricane or something, and we get VERY inspired and deep about everything, and understand each other perfectly. When I’m with her, everything becomes very clear and light for both of us and we inspire each other, but afterwards I might feel like it was a dream. I would like to know what the meaning of this is; it is so very different from any other relationship or friendship ever. How can I bring this clarity and inspiration to my life without her? ~Maarit,  Finland

ANSWER: This woman is a very close member of your soul group. You have spent a lot of lifetimes together on Earth and have additional times when one or the other of you has acted as a spirit guide for the one who chose to incarnate. When you are with each other, that level of energy you are capable of attaining comes to you automatically and you are in another dimension.

This has nothing to do with your physical human bodies but only with the shared essence of your souls. Both of you, as is true for all souls, are pieces of Source energy, and you may use that energy to be all-powerful, magnificent, knowing, and creative. To bring those energies into your awareness without their being triggered by the presence of your friend, you must go through the steps of awareness.

All souls come to Earth with the purpose of knowing who they really are and what their abilities and powers can afford them. You have to first accept that you contain the energy of Source within. Next, you must believe that you can use that energy at will. Next, you go from believing in it to knowing you can use the energy. You then begin to use the abilities you know you have to accomplish what you desire. Finally, you will become that energy and be able to do whatever it is you wish without having to be in the presence of your soul mate.

Faith in yourself, knowing you can manifest and create, and the confidence in yourself to move forward is the solution you seek. The ability is always within you. Connect with it and then use your intention to put it into play.