Dealing with messages and intuition

QUESTION: Masters, My fiancé and I were recently involved in a serious rollover car accident while moving. It was very scary, and we are lucky to be alive. Prior to the accident, he had several dreams that seemed to be warnings of some kind. I was having an intuitive feeling that it was not the right time for us to move, but instead of paying attention to that feeling, I did not listen. Since the accident, I have felt a little lost, confused, and guilty for not honoring my intuition, even though I know feeling guilty is not constructive. On top of this, despite efforts to remain positive, he and I have been arguing frequently and I am feeling sad. Masters, do you have any guidance for me at this time? Was this accident a challenging lesson in trusting my intuition? ~Alison, United States

ANSWER: All lessons you experience are to gather knowledge about life and yourself. Nothing is truly right or wrong – it is merely to help you determine how you will handle the next exercise and whether you need to repeat the event again. This series of events, his and yours, were all about having faith in yourself and knowing that you are more than just your physical body.

You are both going through a period of self-doubt since you recognize that you ignored the forewarnings you both received. Each of you is feeling a little guilty for placing the other in harm’s way. These doubts are signposts of lessons still unattended to. Lessons always are presented in negativity so your choice is to remain there or to move everything into the positive energy. Sadness, despair, depression, and guilt are the base emotions that will remain present at this time until you choose others, hopefully in the positive energy of hope and love.

One of the main, in-your-face situations here is that you need to live in the moment, being always aware of what is immediately around you. Don’t relive the accident, or try to see what you could have done differently. Be in the here and now and interact with the present. You can’t change the past, you can’t predict the future, but you can work with the present, choosing how to move forward.

Communication without assessing blame or fault is very important at this time to maintain your relationship. You each must decide to start from this day forward with the rest of your life.