Questions on laws of attraction

QUESTION: Masters, I am confused about the law of attraction. Some say we should imagine the end result, others say that we should not imagine a specific situation because it would create the expectation of only one type of result. If I visualize that I want something, I’m saying I do not have it, and many say that this is also wrong. How can we do this the right way? And I’m wishing for something out of the plans, out of the planned for the soul, what is the consequence of that? ~Dri, Brazil

ANSWER: You are taking the concepts that some call the “law of attraction,” which have worked for a number of people, and mixing them with universal laws. These principles work only because individuals create their own reality. The teachings of others define what they have found worked for them in their lives. Since each soul is on a unique journey, things may not work for everyone as they have for the teachers.

There are absolutely no “absolutes” in a soul’s journey. Each life is directed by the soul with specific goals in mind. Humans cling to the idea that something that has worked for others will work for them, and they therefore can avoid a situation they face but with which they don’t want to deal.

But if you chose to experience poverty, no amount of envisioning, sending messages to the universe, or working toward the goal of riches will succeed – unless you first deal with the lesson and why you felt it was important to you. Once learning the emotional content behind poverty, most will be able to bring prosperity into their life.

The precept of not being too specific arises from the fact that during the time needed to produce your result, you may have grown and your needs changed. Asking for something that was appropriate in the beginning may be insufficient in the present, and the whole exercise will fail. Using the term “this or something better” will cover all possible changes during completion.

All requests addressed should convey that the results have already come into existence. Saying “I need” or “I do not have” tells the universe that your condition does not – and you do not want it to – include the subject mentioned. Intentions should be phrased as ”I have” the desired end result. The universe will see it missing from your world and provide it, if it does not conflict with a life lesson.

Souls have freedom of choice and may change the direction of their plans. If you choose to deviate drastically from your pre-planning, your unconscious higher self will then intervene and, consulting with your council of advisors back Home, determine if this is what you really want to happen.