Connecting with the departed

QUESTION: Masters, you have been very helpful to me before and I wonder if I might trouble you again? My Dad is at Home and I miss him. I speak to him a lot but rarely, if ever, feel his presence. I’ve asked my guides for dreams of him that I can remember but nothing has happened. I suspect this is a failing on my part. Maybe I’m too needy or in dubious mental health. Will you be able to give me the piece of evidence that I seek? I don’t understand why the twice I’ve sought this information, the answer hasn’t come through. And if you can’t do this, please tell him I love him. ~Karen, UK

ANSWER: Souls who have left their bodies and are on the Other Side are aware of what you say and think. Your father is aware of your distress and also of your love for him. Tell him what you want to convey and he will know.

You will have to work on the other side of this communication – the receiving of his energy. If there is any failing on your part, it is that you have such specific expectations of how and what you think your father should be able to do. You have to examine just what you will consider to be “proof.”

Once the soul returns Home, it takes its energetic form. Energy is nonphysical, and not all living physical beings are sensitive enough to feel the contact from a soul in energetic form. If you have a preconceived idea that your contact will be as physical as it always has been, you are looking for an impossibility.

In asking your guides for dreams of him, what do you really want? You can recall, on your own, Earth moments with him and have them portrayed in three-dimensional form. You can reach out to him and have him trigger both past and present situations between the two of you. But this will not feel as if he is in the same room with you because he is only energy and would be projecting an image, not taking physical form.

You are needy right now because you still wish to have him a part of the physical existence that is your life. One of your lessons was to work through this period after he returned Home and to find the strength to move on.

Have patience with yourself. Let the connection come when you are ready to accept the form that is possible. Your evidence will not be physical, but you will feel it in your heart.