Sexual expressions

QUESTION: Masters, I don’t have any doubts about my sexual preferences, but since I got interested in women, I didn’t have any success attracting them, and even in talking to them. Every time I want to flirt with a woman, I feel controlled by unaccountable fear. I feel as if I really were a woman inside, sometimes I’m very sensitive and off-balance, and I’m not self-confident, but I’m working about it, discovering the love inside myself. Unfortunately I feel envious of some friends who have extreme ease it, because I feel lonely. What I really need to know is whether this fear comes from another reincarnation, or is this a contract made by myself, or even why I act emotionally like a woman. I really want to feel manly. ~Gustavo, Brazil

ANSWER: You are dealing with the life lessons you thought would be good to work through and understand in this lifetime. Self-confidence, clarity of thought, jealousy, lack of self-love, and faith in yourself were some of your choices.

You are a soul, as is everyone with whom you come in contact. Souls are energy broken off from Source, which is all that exists in the universe. Souls have no sex – they contain all the possible energy characteristics available to humans.

Society has defined for you how you think a man or a woman should behave. All societies do not have the same ideas. Your difficulty with women has nothing to do with the feminine energy that is contained in you and all other souls. There is an equal amount of masculine energy there as well. You decide which you want to bring out in any particular situation.

You are a man who has sensitivity to the emotions of others. To some this is a feminine trait; to others it is a distinctive aspect of loving and embracing another. In your society, men are considered to be men if they are uncaring and macho. If you wish to give up the wonderful ability to feel others, you can, but why would you do that just so you can fit in with brisk, uncaring men?

The jealousy that you wanted to explore comes up any time you think another has an easier time with life than you do. This is called “mirroring.” You are seeing them as perfect and yourself as deficient. All people being from the same point of origin have the same potential and abilities. You just need to accept that you are the same and let that control your fear. You can be as they are.

Using the same belief, that you are the same as everyone else, you can build your confidence up to the level you see in others. Your thoughts are sabotaging your manifestation of a companion. You don’t think you are good enough, so the universe responds by saying okay, let him remain alone because that is what he is saying about himself.