Family and homosexuality

QUESTION: Masters I am homosexual and I never said it to my mom, but she knows and hates me for that. I feel so sad, fearful and hopeless. I’ve never felt loved by her, and since I was a kid I knew I came to this life to teach her about unconditional love, but I’m weak, and failing because I am very submissive. I always wanted to commit suicide, Masters what should I do? ~Rafael, Brazil

ANSWER: Your mother did not start out hating you. She is as much offended by the fact that you never shared your orientation with her as she is that you are homosexual. At one point in your life she would have sat down with you and listened to your reasoning and feelings, but now she feels you have so little respect for her that you let others know but not her. It hurts to keep secrets.

You did have a plan to teach your mother about various types of love. It is difficult to ever get near to unconditional love on Earth because people always put restrictions on what they will tolerate from another person. She has trouble with any kind of love because she never experienced it growing up. Both of you lack any amount of self-love at all.

Those who do not love themselves, at least for the courage it took to decide to come to Earth and live through all kinds of lessons and tragedies they chose before coming, cannot possibly love others with any degree of intensity. In other words, you can love another only to the extent that you love yourself.

Your problems with lack of self-confidence and submissiveness are lessons. You need to accept that you are a piece of the Source energy and have all the strength and abilities of Source. To be submissive is to give your decision making over to others, telling them they know better what is right for you than you do. You are just as good as any other soul and can make choices for yourself if you allow yourself to make them.

Right now you are in a victim mode, saying “poor me, everyone is against me and no one likes me.” You are bringing additional negative energy to yourself by thinking and acting in this manner. Stand up for yourself. Know what you want to do and then do it without listening to anyone else.

You create your own reality by bringing into your world only those things that will serve your purpose. Stop letting the world tell you who you are. You know; you are just afraid to stand up and claim your life.