Is it true if it’s on a respected site?

QUESTION: Masters I recently read an article by Greg Calise where he warns people not to go into a tunnel of light just after death as this is a trick by aliens to recycle us for their own purposes. He says that they may project the image of a recently deceased loved one to lure us. I find this confusing as most of us who ever think about such matters have been encouraged over the years to enter the light/tunnel. He adds that people who report NDEs are specifically chosen to deliver this message to ensure our co-operation after death. I know I shouldn’t believe everything I read but the article appeared on a respected website. Some clarity would be very much appreciated.  ~Caroline, Ireland

ANSWER: Everyone’s experience of the transition from physical to nonphysical is unique to the individual. On the Earth plane, the soul lives in a duality of positive and negative energies. NDEs vary for different souls, some never seeing a tunnel or white light. A person such as Mr. Calise, who never mentions experiencing an NDE, is reporting his personal opinions – from what source he fails to mention.

When a soul, who was having a human life, chooses to leave the duality and return Home, it leaves its body and returns to its energetic form in the unconditional love of the universe. The soul has freedom of choice to choose each and every phase of its existence and is never “recycled” into another body by an outside force.

Anyone can say anything, anywhere. “Respected sites” are still run by humans who are embroiled in the negative/positive ego world of Earth. Some employ any method necessary to gather an increased readership. What is one person’s reality, based upon his/her chosen belief systems, may be in diametric contradiction to what you feel should be part of your reality. Rely on your inner feelings, not what someone else tells you that you should believe.

Rising above the negativity of the planet takes you into a less-dense vibration that allows light to shine through, appearing to most as white light. Negativity, which is dense and compacted, cannot hide in the light. It is for that reason that most people perceive white light, or even a tunnel of light, when approaching the higher dimensions outside of the influence of negativity.