Energy contact

QUESTION: Masters last night I was woken by a tapping feeling on my shoulder, which became a powerful energy pulsing of my whole body, lasting a couple of minutes. I was frightened, thinking it was a psychic attack; but now suspect it was an energy attunement. Could you please explain what happened? ~Angie, Australia

ANSWER: There are a lot of energy shiftings occurring at this time around the globe. People who are working toward enlightenment of their true essence of unconditional love sense each shift as it happens. Barriers, which have existed so that physical beings have not been able to perceive or make contact with nonphysical beings, are coming down.

As each obstruction is removed, sensitive people are able to feel their connection to the universal energy. To some, this is referred to as an attunement to the new dimensional energy. It is nothing more than the body learning to resonate with a different vibration. Once a connection has been made and accepted, the soul is then able to connect at will within the expanded energy. Out of fear, some souls reject the possibility of contact with nonphysical beings.

You sensed the lowering of yet another barricade. You could have assured yourself it was not a psychic attack had you reached out and felt that it was completely positive, with no negativity around at all. What you do with this new expanded conscious field is up to you. This will permit connecting more easily with guides and communicating with other nonphysicals.

Going all the way into higher and purer vibrations allows you to develop psychic powers and reach into your akashic records to retrieve wisdom from your past lives. You will have to build up a tolerance for the higher vibration and practice exercising within it. Be patient and persistent if you seek this ability.