Examining the lessons

QUESTION: Masters I believe that all that we experience in this life is because we need to grow in our souls. But the last 3 years has been so heavy… my husband died in an accident, I lost my job, our son (9 years old) still thinks that money is easy because he used to have everything. Now we have a new family. I just want to understand why I feel so sad and lost. ~Sandra, Portugal

ANSWER: When you are in an environment of instability, loss, sadness, and constant change, it is difficult not to be affected by it. You have been bombarded by one disaster after another. With each event your world was rocked and split apart. It was impossible to keep only positive thoughts in your mind. The friends and family around you aided in intensifying the negativity by constant condolences and reminding you of your misfortune.

You now have the ability to reshape the rest of your life and the way you see and feel it. You cannot deny or ignore what has happened, but you can put it in the past and not dwell in its energy. The way you feel about and observe your daily life is a choice. You can pick up the past sadness, or you can look out on the world as a new day that has yet to be recorded.

Take each moment of each day and find something bright, happy, and cheerful to say and think. When darkness, unhappiness, and insecurity appear, stop what you are doing and examine the causes of those emotions. Replace each with a positive intention for the moment.

You don’t have to rewrite your entire life right away. Take baby steps. Your son is still in shock and he is trying to recapture his father’s presence by denying that anything has changed. As you redirect your thoughts and actions, he will begin to accept the truth of your situation.

You have the ability to create and manifest whatever you wish for your future world. It may be one of enjoyment or sorrow – you are the person who decides.