Fulfilling one’s life purpose

QUESTION: Masters, I know my life purpose is to help and teach others about spirituality and the afterlife especially loss and grief. I want to write books and start a website to put the wheels into motion so to speak but I don’t feel right charging people for my services, I want to help them for free but I struggle financially in general. I know fulfilling my life purpose is essential and will enable me to go home again where I may be reunited with my loved ones. How can I fulfill my life purpose, still afford to live and pay the bills without taking from those who are struggling to get by like myself? ~Sara, New Zealand

ANSWER: Your true purpose, as is true with every soul who chooses to enter into the duality of Earth, is to learn the lessons you pre-selected and realize who you are as a soul and what that means to your human body. Once you know the powers and abilities that come with being a piece of Source energy, you can then choose to assist others.

First and foremost, your purpose is to help yourself, not others. You cannot help others unless you love and understand yourself. You have experienced loss and grief but have not dealt with their repercussions in your life. Writing or journaling will help you work through these lessons and bring wisdom about the subject. You must understand in order to assist others to also understand.

Aspects of what you desire to do, such as grief counseling, are accepted fields of work, and income is expected for the group leaders. Part of your concern comes from not knowing exactly what services you will be able to provide for others because you are confused and searching for direction.

You have these thoughts because you think you must perform some service to be rewarded with seeing your loved ones again. All souls may return to unconditional love and the presence of their soulmates when they leave their bodies merely by wishing it. There are no entrance requirements; no prior service is needed.

Look into types of counseling or life coaching courses that will earn you a certification accepted by many insurance companies. The money will then be coming from benefits and not the pockets of needy people.

Continue to work on your fears and doubts because they are the lessons you have not completed. When you have defined your path, start a website to draw people to you.