Definitions and beliefs

QUESTION: Masters, I have a doubt about the Trinity of God. For me God is our Father, Jesus His son and The Holy Spirit is the Power, the Light and energy of God that makes us live and feeds our Soul. Am I right? ~Sandra, Portugal

ANSWER: All souls living a human existence determine the parameters of their own reality via the belief systems they accept. No one can make you believe anything unless you accept it as true to you and a part of the reality by which you choose to define your life.

All organized religions have doctrines that they insist you must believe if you are to be a true member of their organization. To be an adherent, you must not question these beliefs even if they do not resonate with you. In this element of their “faith,” you have your freedom of choice stripped away from you.

Freedom of choice is the cornerstone of the soul’s spiritual journey to come into a body and learn lessons by choosing positive experiences over negative. Each soul came into existence by being broken off from Source. As such, each piece has the same powers and abilities as Source. Since Source is the origin of all, some see each soul as a son or daughter of Source.

Where you stand on these last few statements is completely up to you. Nothing is right or wrong in terms of the nonphysical spiritual world. As we always say to those who make enquiries of us, do not accept blindly anything even we say unless it feels like something that resonates with you and explains your reality.

It is intelligent to listen to what others have to say about their opinions of reality, but there is no need to thoughtlessly take their rules and make them your own unless it is truly something you desire. Always ask yourself: How do I feel about this? Is this what I feel embodies the beliefs I want to live by?