Needs and desires

QUESTION: Masters, I read your answer to a girl who asked how she could attract a husband, someone she would love and be happy with, and you said one can only attract something if their soul needs it. Here it is, I really want to experience marriage and a happy love life. I’m secure in my professional life and now a relationship with a man that resonates with me is what I most desire. I am trying to use the law of attraction to manifest it. Is there any barrier that could stop me from achieving it? How can I improve the manifestation? Did my soul make any contract of being alone in this life? That is really not what I feel that I need. I feel I need to experience real intimacy and to share life with someone else. ~Marcia, Brazil

ANSWER:  You spend a lot of time in your head where you tear about and analyze everything. You expect to be able to have physical, scientific proof for the hypotheses that you explore. You rarely settle something in your life by seeing how it feels or resonates within you. The reason you experience these difficulties is that you do not truly understand love.

Love is the power source of the human race. It drives desires and provides happiness in the physical realm. Your interpretation of love has more to do with ideations of romantic love than the unconditional love of Source and the universe. The way to totally understand love is to experience the degree to which you love your soul. You can only love another to the degree to which you love yourself.

We are not talking about a selfish, narcissistic love but an appreciation of the wonders of who you essentially are in this incarnation on Earth. All souls are pieces of the all-powerful, magnificent, all-knowing Source and therefore have the same abilities and powers. When not in a physical form, all souls dwell in their essential energy of unconditional love. Once they come into a human form they are assailed by negative energy, which hides that unconditional love.

One of your life lessons is to explore all aspects of love. To find your connection with love, accept who you are as a piece of Source. Love everything you have done in this life. Appreciate how far you have progressed in your professional career, and after you spend time in that unconditional love of life, finally go looking for a romantic love.

The only barrier to bringing a sharing romantic experience to yourself is your pre-conceived expectation of what that will be like. Open up to the love you have, send it out to the universe in search of like energy, and be present in the moment when it starts filtering back to you in the form of another human.

Don’t judge what you first feel until you have had a chance for both of you to get comfortable with each other.  Besides your use of the power of attraction, you have to place yourself in situations where you are accessible to others of a like mind. They will not be able to find you if you aren’t in a position to be reachable.