Was Jesus here before?

QUESTION: Masters, my question is one of universal curiosity. I believe in the life of Jesus Christ, but did Jesus live many lives to develop into the Master he became on earth? Did he ever live in another universe that is less violent/more positive to help him achieve his Master level? ~Cathy, US

ANSWER: The term “Christ” is an honorary title that has been used throughout history to refer to a person who is considered by organized religions as a messiah, or the anointed or chosen one who will fulfill their doctrines. In the translations from the ancient languages into modern-day tongues, the term has been attached to the name Jesus.

The soul known as Jesus of Nazareth has always had the purpose of being a “way-shower.” He has been the figure to introduce knowledge, compassion, love, and understanding to the masses of humanity. In the life as Jesus of Nazareth, he came to show the incarnated souls that it was possible to rid themselves of the negativity of the third-dimensional, ego-based world and to enter the unconditional love dimension of the Source. This is represented in the stories of his life by the crucifixion, ascension, and resurrection.

Jesus did have a number of other human lives before the life you mention. Each dealt with teaching people using oral traditions, which were the only things available at the time. It is not important for you to know the particular lives – you would recognize each of them as being a personality from historical religious records. Several major religions were brought into existence in order to perpetuate the principles he taught.

He was a Master because he spent a number of insignificant lives, at least as far as history is concerned, to learn and understand the precepts he came back to spread to others. He has visited non-duality worlds to know and understand every possible aspect that a soul may choose to encounter, and how things look when you only partake of them in a positive environment.