Anything mandatory in life?

QUESTION: Masters, if we have many lives, do we have to experience every scenario? Do we have to say murder in one life and be a hero in another? I worry that if that is the case, and I haven’t done that in a previous life, then I have to reincarnate to do it and obviously that’s not what I want. I understand we have free choice in every lifetime but do we HAVE to experience the good & the bad? ~Tina, England

ANSWER: There is nothing that could be considered mandatory for souls to do during their many trips to Earth. The only reason that a soul would explore all the aspects of any one characteristic would be to become a master of wisdom in that particular area of experience.

A soul has no requirement to become a master – it is an individual choice made according to each soul’s interests. This is similar to those choosing to be doctors. They may wish to go into general practice, doing a little bit of everything. Or they may choose to become a “master” at one specialty, such as learning all there is about the brain, a neurologist; the heart, a cardiologist; or the feet, a podiatrist.

There is not even a mandate to complete a lesson that was not finished in a previous life. If the knowledge is still of interest, you do it again in a subsequent life. If it no longer has an appeal, then you forget about it and move on to something else.

As to experiencing the good and the bad, that is the reason your soul comes to planet Earth, since it is the only place with a duality allowing for the use of both negative and positive choices in order to learn the lessons you desire. If you just want to experiment with a characteristic with which you are familiar, and you don’t need to understand by choosing which way to deal with it, you would select a specific planet that has only positive energy but affords the opportunity to examine all facets of the trait.

We really do mean a soul has total freedom of choice in the selections for life experiences. No one makes you do anything.