Knowing instead of learning

QUESTION: Masters, last month I went to a clairvoyant just for fun, and to my surprise, this lady knew everything about me, my personality and things that could be in my destiny. She also said that I came earlier to Earth for a mission: to learn, but also to help institutions of charity or to adopt a child. What is my mission? Am I really an Indigo? Why do dowser have this power to see almost everything about others life? Is it bad to know our future? Can it impair our future somehow? ~Layla, Brazil

ANSWER: There are very talented clairvoyants in this world. They pick up on the energy around you, reading the projections emanating from your unconscious. They are also astute at reading body language and inferences from tiny things you might say. Any such reading is generally accurate for things in the past and an indication of the future only to the extent that they pick up on how your energy is directed at the time of the reading. Any activity counter to your thoughts of the moment will change the future.

Your mission is to find out who you are and how to use the powers and abilities available to you as a piece of Source energy. Go through life living in the moment, not feeling guilty for what you have done in the past or spending time on expecting specific things for the future. Open to all possibilities and feel what “draws” you through life – that is your purpose.

You had many “missions” – we call them life lessons – planned when you came to Earth. You have had many previous lives so your ideas ran all over the spectrum of potentials. The reality is that you are here for your soul to learn, and you can do that by doing whatever appeals to you. You could not come down “early” because you needed to be in a specific family, time, and place to fulfill your desires.

There are many definitions of Indigo, and it has about as much influence on your life as saying that you are Brazilian or Portuguese. It is the way many classify things; we choose to not rate, grade, or judge.

Dowsers allow themselves to “open” to the energy of the universe. They are using the same universal energy that healers use in helping others balance their bodies to remove or heal ailments. Some are born ready to sense these things, and others work to train themselves to be sensitive to energy.

It is bad to know what someone else detected as the direction you are proceeding only if you believe you have no choice but to go in that direction. Remember, you always have freedom of choice.