Thinking vs. feeling

QUESTION: Masters, there is a discrepancy between what I feel with my heart and my reason. In my love affair my heart tells me to stay, but not my rationality. Do I have to separate from the man that I love for his love to turn back? Recently “someone” told me that I have a priestess inside me and I need to develop. Will be through Umbanda sessions that this will happen? Is this the way for my spiritual development? ~Helena, Portugal

ANSWER: You are experiencing the third-dimensional duality in which you have input from all those around you, as well as all the beliefs that were implanted in you as you grew, plus your recognition that you have freedom of choice to do as you choose. The process of awareness comes to people when they start taking responsibility for their own decisions and not relying on others.

All your life you  have been given rules and regulations about how to behave. In the beginning, you thought you had no choice but to do what you were told. Your rationality is dependent upon what others have said; that information is in the thinking part of your head, and it does not take into consideration the way you feel about things.

Your feelings come from you alone and the wisdom you have gathered along the way in this life and others. That information also includes the life lessons you came to experience and the methods by which you may fulfill your desires. The choice is completely up to you. Start by asking yourself why you feel the way you do about leaving, and then why you feel the way you do about staying.

You do not have to do anything that you do not feel is right for you. All souls have higher energies within that they may not be using – but then, maybe they don’t need to use them in this lifetime. Always refer to your inner feelings for the right direction, not someone else’s opinions. Do not let someone direct you where you do not feel comfortable.

Umbanda is a religion whose leaders are attempting to get you to see things their way. If this feels good, do it. There is no one way to reach enlightenment. Your soul will direct you in appropriate ways. Always see if what is being told to you resonates within. If you sense something doesn’t feel right, walk away from it.