Energy vortexes

QUESTION: Masters, I am curious as to what´s happening here at our house. We have recently had some very strange experiences that we cannot explain naturally. Our gas grill has mysteriously “flown” twice off the terrace to the lawn a few yards away, and a strong plastic shelter lifted in the air by a sudden gust of wind, in calm weather, although the shelter was very tightly fastened. The shelter can normally stand a lot of stress. Is there a natural explanation to these phenomena or is there perhaps a spirit jesting with us?                 ~Anna, Finland

ANSWER: What you are experiencing in the area of the shelter is the opening of an energy vortex. Some normally stable vortexes are shifting because of the seismic activity on the planet at this time. When the energy gets confined under an immovable object it blows the blockage out of the way to release the pressure. Once released, it generally establishes a flow that moves in and around the objects, and no further eruptions occur.

Energy vortexes feel good to spirits that have refused to go Home or are stuck in Earth’s plane because of confusion. They are drawn to large amounts of energy and love vortexes in general because they are always free-flowing. The movement of your grill was assisted by several of these discarnates. Guides are watching over areas such as yours and the souls that were playing with your grill have been moved on. That does not mean that more may not appear before the energy stabilizes again.

Depending upon the further pressures on the planet, this vortex may or may not stay open in your garden. It may have some affect upon you and your family but the effects should be positive—if you are positive. The vortex also intensifies the mood of a person. A good mood becomes great and a bad mood may get horrible. Be aware of these possibilities. Within this energy, your intentions, such as from an affirmation, will be very strong. Bask in this situation of a pleasant energy boost.