More on twin flames

QUESTION: Masters, would you be so kind and explain more on twin flames, especially what is not written on numerous websites, where mostly you may find same text copied. Namely, you said to me before that I do not know what twin flame is, so I appreciate to learn from you. What if both are married? I met mine one month before marriage, and 20 years later we reconnected, I love him as my brother and feel me in him. Maybe he is not my TF, but I still like to know more. Eliya, Serbia

ANSWER: We have to first begin with souls in general. All souls are pieces individualized from Source. Source is unconditional love energy, as are all the souls created. Pieces are broken off from Source in groups. These are referred to as soul groups and are loosely composed of the 144 souls who came into existence at about the same time as you (the 72 before you and the 72 after you). You are able to recognize the energy signature of those close to you and plan most of your important contracts for Earth life with group members.

As a part of this separation there is a division of energy into separate identities. The very last division that resulted in your being detached from Source was from what is called your twin flame. This soul is as close to identical with you as is possible – you were once like Siamese twins. Your energy is as near to identical as possible. Whenever you are in the physical at the same time, you are drawn together and care about nothing but spending time with your twin. You could be the same sex or have a gigantic age difference, but your energy essence pulls you to each other.

A twin flame being in your life is chaotic. You don’t care about anything else; family, career, obligations – you walk away from all of them to be in the presence of your twin. For this reason it is extremely rare that twins decide to be on Earth together.

When you feel drawn to another soul in your life, it is most likely an agreement you made before coming, or the energy of a soul group member, and not a meeting of your twin flame.