Doctrine of hell

QUESTION: Masters, you said in one of your posts that there is no hell, but I read a book “the laws of spirit world”, which says the subconscious mind of the person leads them to a realm out of seven realms, so the bottom 3 realms are known as hell, and you said that there exists no judgment in spirit world, then if there is no judgment then why some people belong to lower realms and rest to higher realms (you said that there is no right or wrong). ~Hemangi, India

ANSWER: There are many books and articles out there that relate the beliefs of their authors. Most were written to create dogmas for belief systems the authors want you to accept without testing them out yourself – just because they think they are right.

It would be very difficult for humans to leave their body, visit the beyond, and then come back and base the rest of their life upon the experiences they had. Many search through the available beliefs of others so they can just accept them and not do any work. This is perfectly satisfactory if you want someone else to tell you what to do, with no input from yourself.

A better way to live your life is to question everything that you hear, read, and see. We always tell you, and all readers, not to accept anything we say unless it feels good to you, and to move away from people who want to do your thinking for you.

Our beliefs – and you may accept or reject them – are simple. Earth is a place ruled by the ego, which uses judgment to rate, grade, and approve or condemn everything. All humans are animated by a soul, which is a piece of Source energy and is perfect in every way. Source exists in unconditional love and constructed Earth to see what it was not by allowing fractions of itself to battle daily in positive and negative energy. Once the soul completes its work on Earth, it returns Home to unconditional love where everyone, being a piece of Source, is equal.

Many writings have described a level, or realm, scenario. This idea originates from the authors’ egos wanting to judge others and present themselves as better than their neighbors. On Earth that scenario exists, but in energetic soul form all is the same. On Earth there is a societal right and wrong to everything you do or think. At Home nothing is judged so nothing is found to be right or wrong.

There is no hell as a place where only souls exist, but there is a hell in the way life has to be lived by society’s standards on the physical Earth. If you don’t comply or meet their requirements, they will make your physical life a living hell. You have freedom of choice to accept, at any time, the beliefs by which you live your physical life. We merely suggest that you don’t accept anything as truth for you until you see how it “feels” to you.