Child walk-ins

QUESTION: Masters, is it possible for a walk-in experience to happen to a child? Is it possible that this could happen and no one, not even the parents would notice any difference? Does the walk-in soul have soul contracts with the family, just as the “old” soul had? ~Stephanie, Canada

ANSWER: A walk-in is a soul who takes the place of another in a body after the original occupant has decided, or made plans, to go home. The incoming soul makes the exchange so it does not have to go through a long and tedious childhood when it already has an idea what it wishes to immediately pursue. An example would be a soul who wishes to be a psychiatrist and notices a soul about to leave a licensed doctor. It would ask for permission to use the body to avoid having to go through childhood and 16 to 18 years of schooling and residencies.

Having the exchange take place at a young age, before the departing soul has learned or accomplished much, does little to advance the purpose of the incoming soul to avoid choosing its own body and living situation. However, while we do not see this as a practical event, it is possible.

The earliest exchange took place with an 8-year-old prodigy. The incoming soul wished to experience the intensity of the talent (musical) and the loneliness of not having any peers with whom to socialize. It was known that this would be a short-term life since the body was in ill health and had several disabilities.

Even in this case, the parents were aware of a difference since the new soul was unfamiliar with the family dynamics and had a massive turn in health as the old soul’s body was ready to stop existing. In general, the incoming soul gets most of the outgoing physical memories, but each contributes from its own past lives in living the shared life.

Not everything that happens in human life is the result of contracts. Some family lineups occur because the parents are engaged in something the child wishes to be a part of. The parents are ready to have a child, so the soul hops inside without any specific agreement.