Is Jesus coming?

QUESTION: Masters, I read a book called “Heaven is Beyond Your Wildest Expectations.” A man named Richard Sigmund “died” and went to heaven and met Jesus. Jesus told him that he is coming for his people soon. I have also read this from other books of people who have died and gone to heaven too. Is this true? Will Jesus be returning for his people? ~Megan, USA

ANSWER: Jesus, whose cosmic name is Sananda, has come to Earth several times. In each of his incarnations he was a teacher, mentor, guru, and most importantly a way-shower. A way-shower is a very special soul who chooses to help less experienced souls to remember who they are and to help them deal with human life lessons and finding enlightenment to connect with the unconditional love of the universe.

Many writings have defined the tasks of Jesus; most of these also create the doctrines of organized religions. We advise you and every other seeker to take in all the information that abounds on the planet and ask yourself how it feels to you. Is this something that resonates with you, or just something you have been taught in the past and read of in the present? Have you chosen to select these beliefs, or is it a continuation of training from someone else, which you have never questioned?

Souls are composed of energy, the same as Source. Planet Earth is a duality of positive and negative energy within which souls can grow in knowledge and wisdom about their powers and abilities as pieces of Source energy. Once the soul leaves the Earth plane, it reverts to its nonphysical, energetic existence.

A soul can choose to take form similar to that of humans at any time it chooses. Earth being the only duality anywhere, once off its surface, souls are at Home in their unconditionally loving state. Most do not take the time to conjure up a covering that approximates a human body; it is more convenient just to be energetic, with the ability to be wherever they choose whenever they choose.

When humans dream or project themselves into another dimension, what they see is what they accept as true in their reality. If they think they are seeing a known entity, that person will look exactly like the image in the viewer’s memory.

The soul that is Jesus or Sananda has no plans to return to Earth in the near future. He does not consider humans to be “his people” but to be the same as he – pieces of the Source energy, similar to siblings.