Completing life lessons

QUESTION: Masters, I dated a verbally abusive man (Possibly a sociopath) for 5 years and it’s been a year and a half since we broke up. Thanks to hypnotherapy and cleansing techniques I have built myself up again but I still have work to do. I now have a block when it comes to starting new relationships and whenever I make a concerted effort to move on he appears in my dreams. In these dreams he always has glowing eyes. Any idea what this means? ~Jane, South Africa

ANSWER: While the work you have done has made it possible for you to function again in the world, it has not gone far enough to allow you to trust anyone. You fear being vulnerable and subjected to further abuse. The abuse you suffered was one of the life lessons you chose before becoming human. It came with a whole set of other tests.

To be a victim you have to allow it to happen. Just as you finally came to realize you did not have to remain in the abusive situation and walked away, you have to deal with the accompanying situations. You have secreted a piece of yourself in a closet so you won’t be harmed. This creates a natural blockage from being open, or even presenting yourself, to other men.

The door keeper to your hidden emotions is your former abuser. When there is the chance you may allow that closed off portion to be alive and interactive again, your tormenter appears in your conscious mind. He is able to do this because you closed some of his negative energy up with the part of you that you felt needed protecting.

You picture glowing eyes because that is what makes him feel alive to you. He is your demon. Unconsciously you associate him with any other relationship with a male. To clear him from your unconscious you need to cut your ties to his energy. Bombard the thought of him with unconditional love. He is no longer to be feared but rather thanked for helping you to find your strength which has allowed you to move on.

If you no longer fear his memory, but see it as a learning experience which has taught you much about yourself, he will have no control over you or your dreams. If he appears in your dreams again, face him and tell him he is no longer needed, he has served his purpose and now should just move on since he can’t affect you any longer.