Having no faith

QUESTION: Masters, my whole life I didn’t know what I like to do for living now I know that I’m a good cook and I want to go to Gibraltar and open my restaurant. Everyone, including my boyfriend, don’t believe that I’m capable to go there and work. I’m starting to think that my ego is put things in my head and they are right because I’m a mess, I’m giving up on leaving. I’m tired of fighting for good things to happen in my life. Am I destined to go there no matter what or who? ~Claudia, Portugal

ANSWER:  It is time to take responsibility for yourself. All souls spend their lifetime looking for a passion – something that pulls them through each day and gives meaning to their existence. You have found just such a desire. Cooking allows you to express your love and personality without having to deal with the prejudices of others.

The problem is that lessons you chose to deal with can conflict with a passion, and this is happening to you. In order to move ahead with your dreams, you have to have the confidence in yourself. You don’t have faith that what you know you can do is good enough. You don’t think you are good enough to succeed.

You are creating barricades to success by listening to what is being said to you and about you. Take an inventory of your beliefs – this is not your ego. Ego is judgment, and because you don’t have the self-reliance to try anything, how can it be leading you astray? Someone has put that idea into your head.

There are many around you who have accepted your belief that you are damaged goods, that you cannot take care of yourself and need the help of others. Where did they get that idea? Why, from you! You are always asking others what to do. You solicit advice from people before you make decisions about any major phase of your life. Time to take charge, if you want to.

Now is an appropriate time to accept that you can do anything you set your mind to. To be in charge you must believe you, and you alone, know what is best for you. Whenever you start getting negative thoughts like “I can’t do that,” or “I’m not good enough,” stop and ask yourself why you think that. These are thoughts others have told you. You can accept they know you better than you know yourself, or you can say, “Sorry, but I want to do this and I’m going to do it.”

Create a plan of action. Write positive affirmations for how it will all work out. Remind yourself daily by repeating these affirmations – and you will see it can become reality.