Why choose duality?

QUESTION: Masters, why would souls want to experience duality, since they are already experiencing unconditional love? Can they not evolve in the 5th dimension, without going through the torture of human experience? Why does perfect source want to improve itself? Are attachments to other human beings something we should try to break or get away from or are they there to help us learn the lessons? ~Johanna, Iceland

ANSWER: Source is perfect. It is all-loving, all-magnificent, all-creative, and all-powerful. It does not have to, want to, or need to improve itself. Source merely wants to understand what it is not so that it may more fully understand what it is. All souls are pieces of Source and contribute to the collective wisdom of the whole.

If you are brought up in an environment where you have everything you need, the weather is neither too warm nor too cold, and unconditional love is the energy surrounding you, how can you appreciate what you have? To even understand weather, you must experience heat and ice. To know about a human’s daily needs, you must have spent time hungry and thirsty. To appreciate music, you need to be able to compare harmony and discordant sounds. We can go on and on about the joys of learning and exploring a human existence.

Source could not find out about non-perfection within its unconditional love so its pieces, souls, were created for that purpose. Gathering wisdom is not an evolution since evolution implies changing to the better or worse from your starting point. Earth is the only place a duality exists, so to even recognize the positive, loving aspects of life, you have to be able to compare the negativity to see the magnificence of the positive.

Attachments to other humans exist for several reasons. It is easier to set up lessons with the help of another. Experiencing physical love can only be done with another as well. Many other inputs are needed to create situations in which to interpret your reaction to emotions, and for you to deal with lessons concerning your understanding of your nature. Removing all contact with others would make it difficult if not impossible to work on your desired lessons.