What is in control?

QUESTION: Masters, I was in love with a woman, still feeling strongly, she loved me I supposed, but can’t understand what went wrong, because I understood that it was mutual. Now I have met another woman but this former lady is popping up in dreams and thoughts all the time and disturbing the relation I have now. And I am wondering what the lesson is for me, more then let go things. I tried to be honest in all ways and what I understand I was it too. It was a hard blow because I had just lost two women to cancer ~Batti, Sweden

ANSWER: Your former girlfriend is not “popping” into your dreams; you are refusing to let go of the memories. You are comparing everything that is happening with your new girlfriend with experiences from before. You had created a whole world around that former lady, most of which was untruthful imagination. She did not feel the same about you as you did about her.

The soul draws to it that which it seeks to experience. Your main lessons this lifetime are abandonment, betrayal, and self-worth issues. All of your romantic endeavors have revolved around these principles. You have not been able to figure out that these ladies are all living a human life while working on lessons they have chosen. Those lessons are giving you the situations you need to learn about yourself, but you have only seen the relationships as romantic, not interpersonal learning experiences and definitely not lessons for you.

You spend most of your time thinking about the other person and what she expects of you instead of just being yourself and seeking a sharing relationship. Being alone is a time for you to examine your life and see if you can feel your connection to the universe.

You need to see that you are not being truthful with yourself about the nature of these pairings. Also, begin your examination with the question: Do I love myself? If you do not love yourself, the answer to your unhappiness is finding out why.

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