White Brotherhood

QUESTION: Masters, while meditating on a walk back in the 1980’s I was made aware of the “White Brotherhood” later called “The Brotherhood of Light” and I have had constant reminders of their presence during the intervening years. Are these the Masters? ~Graham, UK

ANSWER: The terms “White Brotherhood” and “The Brotherhood of the Light” are thrown around indiscriminately. The concept primarily refers to the group of souls, mostly incarnate in some form or other, who are monitoring and offering protection for this experiment of duality occurring on planet Earth. They have, for instance, blocked harmful rays from the Sun during major eruptions on the surface.

These souls chose to be observers and “life guards” to the ones who plunged into the troubling waters of negativity. They are based on a number of different planets where they could also have experiences that they had not tried before, and that made them available to contact and watch Earthlings. They have varying degrees of prior incarnations and, therefore, different amounts of understanding and wisdom of Earth-type lessons.

For souls to be given the title of Master, they must have been exposed to, worked through, and gained the wisdom of all aspects of a particular life lesson. A small percentage of these Brotherhood members have achieved that distinction, but when they returned to a physical form, they may have chosen to merely work upon the things they came into physicality to experience, and not to be a master guide to those on Earth.

The Brotherhood is ever vigilant and makes contact with those souls who will accept their presence and whom they can assist in increasing their spiritual knowledge. The one warning we would give to all of those appearing to communicate with the Brotherhood is that there are some discarnates out there who imitate the good guys while conveying false information for their own enjoyment. Be sure to protect yourself with white light and put the intention into the universe that you wish to communicate only with beings of the light who will participate for the highest and greatest good.