The imaginary friend

QUESTION: Masters, I’ve been a victim of abuse both physical and sexually since I was a child. Looking back it was the most traumatizing experience of my life. As kids normally do I made up someone to be there for me when nobody else was. My person was Shavian. He was so believable; he had his own morals, memories, and was the best father I could ever hope for – except he wasn’t real. We made a promise one day we would meet, but as all children do I grew up and Shavian disappeared. He told me where to find him but I’m scared to only to find out he’s an image of a parent I wish I knew. Please masters, any words of guidance? ~Sheldon, U.S.

ANSWER: Are you sure he wasn’t real? Or was he just nonphysical? You asked, in your despair, for someone to help you maintain your sanity and a degree of normalcy in your otherwise painful, chaotic world. Shavian, as you knew him, was a soul mate of yours who answered your call for companionship.

He remained as long as you needed the friendship you could not get in any other way. Once there were other means for you to be able to interact with people and work through your thoughts and problems, he retreated into the spiritual space and let you have the physical.

To realize and accept that Shavian was real, ask yourself how you could have created morals, memories, and fathering skills when you had no knowledge or experience in such things. Remember the “real” feel you got from your communications? You didn’t make up both sides of the exchange.

You can wait to meet him until you return Home, or you can get together with him using your higher self, your unconsciousness, which is devoid of preconceptions. This will allow you to open to the vibrations of the nonphysical and communicate with him again.

You create the reality that becomes your world. You can keep things out or allow things in at will. As you do with physical souls inhabiting the space with you, you have the choice to see them or to ignore them. The same situation is applicable to the nonphysical souls that are around. They are more difficult for your human judgmental mind to allow into your reality.

Decide what you want in your world; there are no right or wrong choices. Put the fear and doubts aside and create the connection.