Travel and contact from out there

QUESTION: Masters, I’m a very sensitive person, and sometimes I have dreams with things that really happen, those dreams feel different than the usual. I had a dream that felt different but it was not about the future but about some people from other planets that were explaining to me that in other planets their visits are usual and not to be feared like we humans do. The strangest thing was one of them than asked me if my favorite colors were pink and purple and I said turquoise and he said: hum, a founder! Does this means something? ~Rossana, Portugal

ANSWER: You do a lot of out-of-body traveling during your body’s sleep cycle. You slip into the stream of energy that connects all things. You have an occasion to meet up with souls who are having experiences that vary from your own. Some of these individuals are living on planets other than Earth.

Because only Earth has a duality of positive and negative energy, it is the only place where fear is prominent. On other planets, beings have curiosity without assigning negative intent to those who are different from them. The beings with whom you made contact are from one of these places. They cannot figure out why on Earth there is such a fear of the unknown. To them the unknown is the great adventure.

Just as your society has belief systems such as astrology, numerology, tarot, runes, etc., other cultures have their own beliefs. This particular group feels that your tendency to favor particular colors indicates your direction in life. Colors give off various energy signatures. It means they give character assignments to your visual and energetic preferences.

Following a belief system has only as much impact on you as you allow it to. When you have consulted your horoscope, it has given you what some believe to be your present or future based upon the recognized energies. The influence of the planets at the time of your birth only assists you on a path and makes you more comfortable with certain directions. You still have total freedom of choice to decide what you want to do and who you want to be.