Time and past lives

QUESTION: Masters: Are our Past Life memories exclusively ours (as individuals) or, since ultimately we are One, is it possible that in a Past Life Regression session, we retrieve “shared memories”, belonging to other souls? Please, explain briefly the difference between time on earth and cosmic time. Is our history timeline perceived in the same way from your perspective? ~Mischa, France

ANSWER: The purpose for delving into a past-life experience is to get the benefit of that event. Frequently a soul is working on a life lesson and just cannot get past all the doubts and fears associated with it. By going back, it is possible to see the various aspects of the situation and release the blockages that prevent understanding. This may be a lesson that has been worked on in another life or one that is new to this lifetime.

If the problem is one not completed previously, the past-life remembrance would most likely be your own. If the event is a new lesson for you, you would have no history to recall, so using the example of how another handled a similar situation could help you to move into understanding. This is like reading a self-help book on how someone was able to surmount difficulties, in the hope that the same pattern will work for you.

“Time” on Earth is really the only time that exists. It is a measurement calculated by humans to judge the relationship of one event to another—whether it occurred, in their time frame, before, after, or concurrently with another event. For souls not bound to a physical body, their essence is everywhere. Their focus is wherever they choose to put their intention. They can be in many places at once, witnessing what has transpired for the physical being in several, or many, time frames simultaneously.

To help you understand the abilities of nonphysical souls, let’s say you are watching a program on a DVD. You have the ability to watch it from the beginning of the recording to the end—which is how it was recorded on Earth. You may also skip around—from the end to the middle, to the end, to the beginning—to your heart’s content; this is what nonphysical beings do. They experience and don’t judge what is “right” or when it happened but like to see the whole picture.