The power of the moon

QUESTION: Masters, I am a 78 year old man. For several years I experienced depression a few days preceding the New Moon. Sometimes it feels like rage boiling up from under the surface. Sometimes I am super critical. Sometimes I’m just vaguely unhappy. Frequently, I don’t know it is happening until my wife points out that I am being a jerk. It lasts a day to three days. It is generally over when I can see the first sliver of the New Moon. Can you enlighten me? ~Gregg, United States

ANSWER: Ever heard about the influence of the moon on your Earth’s tides? Or the fact that more babies are delivered at the full moon than any other time of the month? The power of the moon, in conjunction with the Sun, has a tremendous effect on the surface of the planet. It is a magnetic / gravitational attraction on water molecules but also every object on the Earth. The attraction causes the Earth to actually bulge toward—and away from—the moon, which moves the water and causes tidal shifts.

Because water is fluid, the moon’s effect on the tides is more easily seen than its effect on other objects. Its influence on the water content of the human body, on electrical movement within the body, and on emotions is less pronounced in all but very sensitive people. The different phases of the moon, and its exact position in the cosmos, affect the human body both negatively and positively, individually and collectively. The impact spans all aspects of humanity, including the ability to make decisions and to find happiness. It can cause paranoia, anger, and sometimes euphoria.

Becoming aware of the influences on your body, you can then do something to control the result. The first step is taking away some of the ammunition this destructive influence is having within your life. The characteristics you mention are all powered by egoistic judgment. If you take time in your spiritual development to step away from judgment, you send negativity packing and replace it with positive evaluation.

In life all things are chosen by those who perform them. If you choose to judge, you are critical and angry all the time. If you choose to observe and evaluate whether or not to make the same decisions another has, you are accepting everyone’s right to be different. If you accept that each has his own path, there is nothing to criticize or get angry about.

It is time to turn your sensitivity to energy into an understanding of yourself and communication with us. (If you are interested in specific effects of the various moon phases on the human body, look it up on the Internet.)