Channeling a “living person”

QUESTION: Masters, can a channeler channel the spirit of a person who is still living? If so, how is that done, and can it be used for helping the living person to learn more about life’s lessons? If not, why not?   ~Lambert, USA

ANSWER: There are two aspects to your question. First, can a channeler talk to a facet of a soul while the focus of that soul is in a physical body? Under some circumstances, yes. Second, is it possible for a channeler to talk to the soul of a person in order for that person’s conscious mind to learn about the soul’s past and therefore understand what its current lessons are and why those particular lessons were chosen? No.

A channeler talking to an aspect of a soul currently involved in a physical life can only communicate with that person’s higher self or unconscious memory. This can occur only with the permission of the soul because each soul has total freedom of choice concerning its essence.

The most common example of this kind of communication is a healer wishing to send healing to an incapacitated person from whom permission cannot be obtained directly. The channeler can then ask the patient’s soul if it is all right for the healer to send energy to rebalance the body. If permission is not obtained, the healer is wasting time in sending energy because that energy cannot intervene without permission.

In the second scenario the soul came down to Earth with amnesia to learn lessons in the flesh. Had it wanted to have a memory of the why and wherefore of its lessons, it would have allowed itself to remember. This is a situation in which people may choose to engage in hypnotherapy to work through those lessons they have not completed or are having difficulty finishing.