Fear controlling life

QUESTION: Masters, I have a very good life, no practical problems. I’m healthy, don’t have money problems, have lovely and happy children and a husband of 15 years who I love and loves me. So why have I been suffering from anxiety, panic attacks and depression for 10 years? Fear blocks me so much that I’m not able to enjoy all the good things. I’ve tried psychoanalysis, yoga, rebirthing, hypnosis and meditation, but nothing seems to work. I have a lot to give, and many talents, but I’m unable to do anything but my everyday chores because of my fears and my overwhelming sense of weakness. I’ve repeatedly asked the masters to tell me what I’m doing wrong. I just can’t find the strength to do anything. Why is it so? What can I do? Why can’t I find a way to express myself and use my talents? ~Chiara, Italy

ANSWER: You are letting your fears control your very existence. They cannot arise and take control unless you allow them to come into your life. Fear is the indication of some lessons your soul wanted you to understand. Instead of working toward understanding, you are running away and accepting that you are unworthy, unable to deal with your situation, and deserving of all the negative feelings besetting your life. Well, you are a perfectly wonderful, all-knowing soul inside, which you don’t allow yourself to see.

The anxiety is fear of being out of control. Ask yourself why you would feel that way when you have the ability to have such a fantastic family which you keep together. When that fear surfaces, go into the feelings and look for the origin. You will find you are carrying uncertainties from your childhood.

The panic attacks come from believing you are going to get caught by others as not being who they think you are. You have accepted as a reality hurtful comments made to you throughout your life. They can continue to hurt you only if you believe they are true. Look at the love you have given to others that has kept them in harmony with their life. Concentrate that within yourself and feel the real you. Love yourself as you love others.

Depression is a lack of having any impression of who you are. It creates a void in your life and is easy to fill up. If you don’t fill it yourself, others will be happy to contribute and you won’t be happy with their ideas. Create how you wish to be. Take all those talents and abilities and identify with them. You have them, but you don’t see them as defining who you are. Change that and become who you want.

Your first step should be to banish all the negativity whether it be fear, anxiety, panic, or depression. When any of these come into your awareness, immediately bring to mind your most wonderful accomplishment. When you are feeling afraid, put yourself into a safe, beautiful place filled with unconditional love. When you are depleted of energy, use your intention to pull in the universal energy that surrounds you.

You have very strong belief systems by which you judge everything that happens to you. None of your previous attempts have been successful because the beliefs in place tell you they won’t work. You have the ability to change every aspect of your life. Throw out these limiting beliefs and see yourself as powerful. As you rid each difficulty of control over you, accept that you can change, then believe it will change, and start living your new life.