Do dolphins have souls?

QUESTION: Masters, according to all the books that I have read which have been channeled by Toni, most animals have a life spark and not a soul. The minority that have souls are human beings who have chosen to incarnate as an animal to experience the power of a particular animal. While I understand this, I have a question. It concerns dolphins, who are known not to hurt human beings even when provoked. Do these special beings have more of a life spark in them than other animals?         ~Preetha, UK

Masters, I would really like to know if dolphins are life sparks or souls. They save human beings even when they are being attacked by us. Can you explain this?         ~Sussanah, UK

ANSWER: Dolphins, as you know, are mammals. They were once walking on the surface of the planet before they chose to go into the sea. They have brains that are comparable to humans’ in size, and they use a larger portion of their brain than humans do. A large number of souls that choose to have inter-species experiences have chosen to experience them in the body of dolphins.

The majority of what are referred to as dolphins on the planet today have only a spark of life, the same as other mammals like lions, dogs, and apes. There are inbred in a number of species the need to protect humans from themselves and dangerous situations. It has become instinctual in their nature.

Family pets, whether dog, cat, or even birds, will come to the aid of their owners in a time of crisis such as medical emergency or during an accident such as a fire. These occurrences are not the result of training or instinct but rather arise from a sense of love or companionship.

Dolphins are extremely gregarious animals, fun loving and protective of their pod. A person in the water can easily become a thing of interest or a playmate. There are a lot of recorded instances of dolphins supporting injured humans or other mammals such as small whales or even seals until they can reach a place of safety. There are also reports from those who spend a lot of time in the water with wild dolphins that, on occasion, they have been attacked by dolphins when their activity has been perceived as threatening, such as getting too close to a mother birthing or a tiny newborn.

Dogs will frequently help injured or lost children and sometimes other animals. Apes have adopted and raised similar species and even humans that have become lost or stranded in the wild. The mothering instinct of mammals is species blind.