Harming a soul

QUESTION: Masters, several mediums have struggled to explain to me how my “twin flame” was incarnate for a very brief time with me (though not a romantic relationship) to trigger events crucial for me to experience, but that because of extreme trauma in his brief hideous lifetime, even part of his soul was wounded, though he’s healed with angelic help. Is it true that he came to offer me “emergency assistance”, though it was the polar opposite of every “Hollywood” version I’ve heard? I’ve suffered extreme adversity and betrayal also, worlds different on the surface but underneath like we walk the same treacherous path together only at different paces. Does this mean that I share his soul wounds, and that my weaknesses and failures will hurt him also? How can I help protect him and heal us when self-hatred has become my burden? I can’t feel self-love. Are prayers helpful? ~Camille, USA

ANSWER: A soul is an immortal energy that can be neither harmed nor destroyed. The only place in the universe that contains negativity, therefore bad or harmful things, is planet Earth. Some souls may choose to take some negative thoughts with them as they leave their physical bodies and start Home, but they cannot get past the pull of the duality of Earth. They cannot enter into the unconditional love of the Source energy that we call Home. A pure soul may not be harmed, diminished, or affected in any way; it is all-powerful, magnificent Source energy.

Your soul has no wounds. The difficult life lessons that another soul may choose to live out during incarnation, a lifetime on Earth, are not shared by or harmful to anyone else. It is universal: your soul harms no other and cannot be harmed by any other.

A twin soul is the other half of your first division from Source. When you are energetic, you have no sex and your twin has no sex. You have been males and females in past lives, as has your twin. You rarely choose to be on Earth at the same time because if you were, all you would want is to be together regardless of whether you were the same or different sexes, ages, races, or nationalities.

It was not your twin with whom you had an encounter, but rather a regular soul mate with whom you had made a contract. When you have chosen a difficult lesson and you want to ensure it will occur in a lifetime, you contract with another to be the initiator of the events that will cause your challenge to appear. He had the opportunity to experience a desired lesson through your contact. Once the connection was over, you had no further obligation to him.

Your journey now includes working to learn your lessons on your own. You wanted to have betrayal, lack of love, lack of self-worth, and hatred as tasks to understand. Forget your connection to this other soul and spend time on yourself. Go inside and find the love that is there. Stop thinking and start feeling your way through life. Feeling is the pathway to your essence of unconditional love. Pray to yourself to forgive your misconceptions and to allow you to love everything you have put your body through in order to come back to your magnificence.