When angels come to Earth

QUESTION: Masters, I am well aware that some souls on Earth can be seen, by those with the gift, to be angels on Earth. My question is: if they are experiencing an Earthly life are their actions always angelic? Or do they sometimes react like those of us completing our planned experience? I have been told that someone in my family, whom I cannot trust, is an angel. Why do I feel like this about the person?                     ~Valerie, UK

ANSWER: Not all souls who start out their existence as angels-those who choose to act from Home as guides for souls having a human experience-remain at Home. Once a guide has watched and helped other souls learn lessons and experience emotions and physical experiences that can only be had in the duality of Earth, most want to have experiences of their own.

Source created souls so it could learn all about itself-what it was not. Source is unconditional love. Everything that is not uncompromising unconditional love adds information and eventually wisdom to the experience of existence. In order to learn, it is necessary to start from a place of having no information. This is accomplished by the incarnate soul starting with amnesia as to its true identity.

When a soul who has spent time as an angel decides to have a physical experience, it comes into its body with the same degree of amnesia shared by all other souls. In order to learn from a lesson it has the same pattern of being confronted by a test, using its freedom of choice to work through the test, and gathering the knowledge the experience allows it. It is working through the same type lessons as all other souls, so, yes, it can be a nasty, deceitful, hateful individual. That does not remove the energy signature at a deeper level of what it has done in the past. Psychics may be able to pick up the residue of its angelic work.

Regardless of its past, it is the present interaction with this person that you are feeling. You are reacting to the person’s current mission in life. It is a learning lesson for both of you.