Not acting like friends

QUESTION: Masters, I’ve been having a problem with my Wiccan friends. They always go into the spirit realm when we’re hanging out, but I can’t even figure out how to find my door. They say my soul’s too young to even take part in it, so what should I do? I would ask other people who know about Wicca, but I don’t know any other Wiccans, and it always makes me feel like I’m not wanted when they’re talking about it, because they want me to be quiet, but I don’t know what they’re talking about and I can’t help but ask. ~Veronica, USA

ANSWER: Your friends have created their own definition of Wicca. They pretend a lot, saying they are doing things when they really aren’t. Most of their conversation while they are in the “spirit realm” is imagination or made up. To get familiar with Wiccan practices throughout the world, purchase some of the standard books on Wicca or see if the local library has the historical volumes.

No big secret—entering into a realm other than the physical just takes practice. It can be done through your intention with repetition. Begin with learning to meditate to the degree in which you cut off your own thoughts and leave yourself open to hearing and participating with the non-physicals. A first step is also sensitizing yourself to the natural energies around you. Hug a tree and feel its life flow. Place your hand on the Earth and feel the tempo of life.

Your soul is not so young that it can’t open to the universal flow of life-force energy. Something that can help you is learning about Reiki energy transfer. You may want to take a class or just be in the presence of Reiki practitioners. This will allow you to see what energy flow feels like to your human body; everyone perceives it differently.

Your friends are having fun at your expense. They want to find some way to feel superior to you, and they have chosen this way of denigrating and making you feel left out. True friends would not do this. True friends would work with you to help you advance and understand. It is possible to practice Wicca without being part of a coven. If this is the practice you seek, give it a go on your own.