Many visions, many views

QUESTION: Masters, I have been listening to a lady hypnotherapist who does deep regression with other ‘masters’ and she talks of a ‘new earth world’ now into being since 2003 whereby many people will be able to go to this ‘new world’, with their ‘altered physical bodies’ and leave behind the people of negative, war-like thinking. Your views would be greatly appreciated at this fearful time, so thank you. ~Jeannie, UK

ANSWER: At this time on your planet, compliments of the 26,000-year planetary alignment cycle, a lot of souls and spirits are able to communicate with those sharing human lives on Earth. This is not restricted to souls who are at Home in unconditional love but extends to souls who are having other-than-human physical experiences in other locations.

Any soul who has spent time on Earth and completed all levels and aspects of a particular lesson is deemed to have mastered that trait. In other words, there are a whole slew of masters of one thing or another out there; most are willing to share their expertise.

Terminology on your planet is not standardized. It is not even possible for us to explain some of the facts about spiritual dimensions, time, and abilities because the details exceed any knowledge or wisdom contained within human perceptions on your planet. Individual concepts are in the eye of the beholder because each soul has the ability to create its own reality. A group of souls accepting and believing the same scenario are able to jointly create and live in such a vision.

There are no absolutes except that planet Earth is a duality of positive and negative energies. It is the only such location in existence. A soul may choose the type of place it wishes to live within. If it first selects a non-judgmental view of its fellow humans, it removes conflict from its awareness. If it chooses health and harmony for its physical body, it may create that as a reality for itself as well. Without judgment there is no right or wrong in anything—hence a new world created to the order of the participant.