The body’s response to energy

QUESTION: Masters, I have noticed that people travel to the same destinations on holiday. Do we travel to different countries to receive or absorb certain energies or to even bring energies or renewal to a place? Does this happen especially at this time of great energy shifts (21.12.2012)? Personally I have been to 5 countries, 11 cities in the last 13 months, with 2 more trips planned before the end of 2012. While I have always loved travel, even this is a LOT more than I have ever done in such a short period of time. Most of these trips have also been rather ‘spur of the moment’, where I have either gone with a feeling or situations placed me there. I also feel a certain hurry and hunger to be in multiple places. Is there a greater ‘soul’ reason or purpose for all this that goes beyond just earthly wanderlust? ~DD, Singapore

ANSWER: The bodies your souls inhabit are run by electrical impulses. The planet you reside on has lines of electrical and magnetic energy forming grids. Each person has various frequencies that resonate and make him or her feel at peace. Different geological configurations funnel or divert the Earth’s energy so that it impacts bodies in different ways. Unconsciously you will find yourself drawn to the locales that make you feel the best.

During different seasons and difficult times in your life, you may find you crave a certain type of energy and will then gravitate toward that particular type. You may be totally unaware of why you choose to go to a place. The human searches around for that “perfect” location in which to get away and feel complete. Some people have many different needs in energy and cannot find just one place that fits, or they need more than one frequency to be satisfied. Once a desired location is found, the person will generally return there any time rejuvenation is needed.

A second reason to travel to a certain area is the people who live in that location. The energy, particularly positive energy, may be of a purer or higher degree than can be found where you live. Allowing yourself to go where you feel drawn is being in touch with your own inner essence and the lifeblood of the planet.