Hostage of History

QUESTION: Masters, my family is in turmoil due to a person who cannot function as a reasonable human being toward other human beings. She is using the children and the past faults of a member of our family as a weapon for personal financial gain, which we cannot provide. What can we do to remove her and her negative energy completely from us?            ~Victoria

ANSWER: Your family is allowing itself to be held hostage over past events. It is time for each member to evaluate what is being learned from these actions. It will cease for each person when he or she takes back power from the captor. This is happening as a family because of the misconception that no one has the ability to stop this. Just say NO!

No person can cause another to do something unless that person agrees to do it. When you let others make your decisions for you, you give them your power. If you believe that all souls are the same (which they truly are) no one soul has the right to take the energy of another. Honor yourself and take back your power.

Instruct your family that they are living in the present, not reliving the past. The present needs to be seen as a different set of circumstances. Each of you is saying, in effect, “Even though this is not the past, the events of the past shall dictate how I am going to allow my life to be run right now.” That is fine if you want it to be that way, but you have no obligation to repeat the past. Make a new today.

Nothing is right or wrong; it is all happening for someone to have an agreed lesson. You do not have to be a part of that experience. Exercise your freedom of choice.