Money or spiritualistic abilities

QUESTION: Masters, I feel really strange at the moment when I am thinking about the future. We just got a baby, I should return to my work at finance/insurance company very soon. I feel sad because of that – I have a feeling that the “money world” is not for me – but in our family’s economic situation it is good that I have that job. I have been told that I have strong healing energy and I really would like to found that part of me better. I’m also kind of artistic and would love to practice that side of my nature too. Will I soon have the opportunity to express myself in the way of heart or will I have to consider the economical side first for a long time? ~Piia, Finland

ANSWER: For the first time you truly understand unconditional love—the love of mother for child. This eclipses any other feeling in the world. It overpowers negativity and ego-based judgment. No wonder you don’t want to have to return to the third-dimensional world where everything is about who is better or is in possession of more than anyone else.

You chose to be in the position you find yourself so that you would be having the thoughts and struggles you are. Since you chose to have a child, you have the responsibility of caring for it until it can take care of itself. In this world that means making sufficient money to provide food, lodging, and education. This would be easier if you returned to your company until you can substitute something else for earnings.

You are a healer but you are untrained and lack confidence. This is something you can work on in your spare time. Find a teacher who can help you feel comfortable in a healing profession. This would give you the possibility to work into a business on your own.

Art is a wonderful way to help people heal by putting your energy into your work so that others may receive and feel. This is also something you could start to practice on a small scale while returning to your employment. Baby steps in any of these new directions is necessary. It doesn’t have to be that long—just until you feel comfortable.