Hormones causing problems

QUESTION: Masters, I had a baby girl 14 months ago and during my pregnancy became ill. I was diagnosed with anxiety/panic disorder, which I was having all the symptoms of, but I knew and know that it is worse or something else, so I started taking better care of myself and feeling better to the point that all my anxiety symptoms went away (after taking antidepressants and having a bad reaction to having to withdraw from them but have absolutely no anxiety symptoms now). I have not any energy at all from waking up to night; nothing; could lay in bed all day but can’t. I have two little kids to take care and have had no help from my doctors. They couldn’t find anything. Please help me to know if it is something worse or whatever so I can hopefully fix it and take care of my children better. ~Michelle, Canada

[The US law does not permit us to diagnose or treat medical conditions. Please understand that our comments are for educational purposes only.]

ANSWER: When a second human body is connected to you, it has many effects upon your body. During pregnancy, in particular, there are stressors placed upon the body that make the endocrine system—those organs which put hormones into your body—run crazy. This is what happened in your case.

The antidepressants you were prescribed brought your hormones back into alignment and the symptoms disappeared. Being aware of your body and taking care to see you get proper nutrition, rest, and exercise also helps to balance out the body. Withdrawal occurs when you remove artificial assistance and force your body back into production and balance.

Your sense of energy lack comes from negative thoughts you have allowed to come into your world because you are sure something worse than pregnancy-induced hormonal imbalance is involved. There is nothing else present.

Love yourself for the fantastic person you are. See the wonderful children you have begot. Stop looking for limitations and see your world as a marvelous, loving, fun place. Any time negativity comes into your life, see the beauty around you and banish it with positive love energy. Do not let negative feelings remain.