Interesting questions

QUESTION(1): Masters, what are your theories about birthmarks being scars of wounds from where we died in past lives and how do you learn about them?  ~Michelle, USA.

QUESTION (2): Masters, my body is becoming more adaptive to spiritual abilities on the human plane, because the spiritual barrier is breaking; thus making the sprit energy begin to rise and become more potent. What is the reason for this? Why does it connect to me knowing that it is happening? ~Rager, USA.

QUESTION (3): Masters, What are your views on mediums or psychics? Are they ‘talking’ with passed over souls in the 4th dimension who would normally live in the 5th or 6th dimension? ‘Psychic Sally’ in the UK does seem absolutely genuine, so your opinions would be enlightening! ~Jeannie, UK.

ANSWERS (1) In some cases, a birthmark is a remembrance of a past-life experience where the lesson was not completely learned. In other cases, it can be from a wound. Another birthmark might be a symbol of an occurrence. It is possible to revisit the event through a hypnotic past-life regression, a spontaneous re-visiting, a deep meditative or dream state, or a message from a nonphysical being who has knowledge.

(2) The planetary alignment that will complete the 26,000+ year cycle ends on December 21-22, 2012. As the planets near their formation of a straight line across the galaxy, with the sun in the center, very little static is being caused by energy bouncing off solid objects, which is allowing for the physical to become ever more aware of the nonphysical. While this is happening, it is apparent only to those who accept its possibility and are open to the results. Being open to feeling energy makes you sense the vibrations that are around you.

(3) A multitude of people are calling themselves, or believing that they are, psychic. There are those who connect with a single soul who makes all the nonphysical connections. These are generally called mediums. We also include channelers in this group. They are the ones who receive vibrations from the outside world and convert them into speech containing messages. A large majority of these “readers” make contact with souls that have recently left the physical habitation of a body and  have a very heavy energy, since they usually have not severed all connection with Earth energy. These souls may be in the 4th dimension: nonphysical but not completely entering into unconditional love, or in the 5th dimension: back Home in complete unconditional love. (To us there are only 3rd, 4th, and 5th dimensions:  physical, physical/nonphysical mix, and nonphysical.)

True psychics, mediums, and channelers are merely translators for spirits. They are only as good and accurate as the source of their information and their own ability to refrain from interfering with the information that is being received. They must be able to get their own egos and interests out of the way. A master or spirit of the light will never tell a person what to do because that interferes with freedom of choice. Take what is delivered and see if it resonates with you; if you sense a feeling of truth to it, then let it become part of your belief system.