Enhancing a psychic ability

QUESTION: Masters, there are so many people, schools, and classes claiming to teach us healing and psychic abilities. How is someone to evaluate and choose among them? What are your views of the best way to bring out our gifts, at least in respect to increasing our psychic abilities?         ~Sharon

ANSWER: We get asked this question in many different formulations: Which way is correct? What is the best person to help me? How do I access my gifts? What do I need to do to increase my abilities? The answer is different for each soul who asks.

Each soul is on an individual path, able to hear, feel, and see things in its own unique way. When you go out to purchase a new vehicle you start by asking yourself a bunch of questions. What do I want to use it for? What do I want it to look like? How much am I able to spend? How large does it need to be to fulfill my needs? What type of engine do I want to have? What mileage is the minimum that I want to receive? How many people does it need to accommodate? Only after deciding the answers do you know where to begin your search.

When it comes to healing and psychic abilities you need to define for yourself what you feel is the direction you wish to take. In the healing field, do you want to do hands-on healing like massage therapy or acupuncture, or do you want to do energetic work like Reiki or chakra balancing, or do you prefer therapy through hypnosis? Psychically, do you feel called to do work helping physical or non-physical beings? Do you want to locate water, minerals, or missing people? Or is the importance for you being able to communicate with your guides and the ascended ones?

Once you have defined your goal, you read, question, and open yourself to the energy of any person or program that is appealing to you. Some of the teachers who are out there are trying to make a living from their abilities, so they will be like any good salesperson and try to tell you why their product is the best. Just as single people do not need huge SUVs or gas-guzzling trucks for basic transportation, those simply wishing to learn about themselves through communication with their guides do not have to go through multiple stages of a healing-school curriculum to speak to them in meditation.

When you know what you want, open up your energy and feel what each person you talk to, or brochure you read, is saying about your path. Is it resonating with you? Do you get that warm, gushy feeling that you are being loved and hugged by the energy? If so, then jump on board because it will take you for the ride you are seeking.