Baby steps directed by feelings

QUESTION: Masters, which way forward for me is the big question. I am wanting to sell my business, which is very small home-based; my fear is, what will I do for income? I have a young family, and we have mortgages. We want to sell the houses, but they aren’t worth anything in the current market. If we could just sell them & pay our mortgage off, then only one of us will need to work, or start new business eco-friendly. ~Teena, New Zealand

ANSWER: You are bored. You are looking for something new and exciting. A totally spiritual life is fantastic. You sit back and watch the flow of the world around you and everything you need is brought to you. The problem is that it only works for a single soul. When you have others to whom you have committed yourself, such as spouse and children, you have to obey the laws of the third-dimensional world to some degree. You must function in Earth’s positive-negative duality.

You are in the midst of learning your life lessons. What are they? They are shown to you by the fears and doubts that spring up in your life. If you do not trust your spiritual abilities and the power to manifest, a fear will stare at you everywhere you look. Clear out the fears and start programming in positive energy for what you seek.

The market is down, but you could bring buyers who would be willing to invest at a decent rate to cover your mortgages. What does your business mean to you? Right now it is the way in which you have been identifying yourself. Are you ready to let that go and begin again? Why does an eco-friendly business have such an appeal? Can you convert your current business into one? You need to find a new way to reinvent yourself.

Spend some time in quiet with yourself and go into your inner feelings to see if you even know what you want to do. Without some type of direction you are sending mixed signals to the universe. “I want to do this, but I’m not sure; maybe I should go here, but I’m not sure.” Is there any doubt that you are getting back exactly what you are broadcasting?

Define your needs, desires, and wants. Know that you can bring them to you. Send out the mail and wait for a reply.